Stacey is a self-care coach, author and speaker who specialises in helping Christian mums go from stressed, overloaded and held back by mum guilt, to healthy, happy, and living life in full colour.

With 15 years experience in fitness, wellness and education, Stacey is passionate about empowering women to live life in full colour, and realise their full potential.

Speaking from her own journey as an unhealthy and unhappy chronic fatigue suffering, teenage single mum, to a life-loving wife and mum, qualified fitness instructor, wellness coach, school teacher, and a passionate lover of Jesus, Stacey brings a vast wealth of experience and expertise to all she does.

Stacey is known as a passionate educator of happiness

and wellbeing, God's goodness and living life to the full! She knows what it is to encounter and overcome the unexpected challenges life can throw our way and wants every woman to know that if she can move from victim to victory, they can too!

(Read more about her journey here).


A catalyst for change

Stacey doesn’t just want to see people inspired for a moment, but rather, be empowered and activated with practical tools to take home and action in their own lives. As a long-time educator and presenter in both school and gym settings, Stacey has a vast experience in designing sessions that are dynamic, practical, engaging and memorable. ​


Her special sauce

Stacey will consider speaking on any area if asked, but has honed her signature messages over a number of years. These include:

REMEMBER TO BREATHE: burnout is a plague taking its toll on the world, especially Christian women. In this talk Stacey shares keys for shutting down overwhelm and how to future-proof yourself from burnout. Learn why self-care and self-kindness practices are essential for every Christian woman and how to put these into action without the #mumguilt. Stacey shares how we truly can have and do it all simply by doing much less. 


I CHOOSE HAPPY: in this talk Stacey shares her powerful lessons in happiness from a once ‘happy-less’ life. Learn keys for a greater level of happiness, wellbeing, and contentment, and why this enables greater effectiveness and impact as a follower of Jesus. Learn how to train your brain to have a default of hope and optimism, and how to find the good when everything around you looks anything but.


LOSING THE LABELS: in this talk Stacey delivers a power packed reminder of each woman’s unique worth and value, and why the world desperately needs us to be our beautifully unique selves. Identity is key to unlocking and overcoming the happiness and wellbeing battles women face (disordered eating, poor body image and self-worth, lack of self-care). Move self-worth and confidence from head knowledge, to a heart revelation so that you can stand tall in your identity, and be free in your uniqueness every single day.


MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR PAST: in this talk Stacey shares how to embrace (and enjoy!) a life that looks different to what you expected. Let go and lay down what’s trying to keep you locked in the past, so that you can fully enjoy the present and all that God has for you right here, right now. Learn keys for happiness and wellbeing freedom through the power of perspective and forgiveness.


LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN: in this talk Stacey brings #truthbombs to body image battles and fitness extremes from her 15 years of working in the fitness industry. Challenge the lies we’ve been culturally conditioned to believe, and unlock the freedom that comes with shifting from criticism of our bodies, to a lens of celebration and gratitude. Say goodbye to comparison, celebrate others, and love the skin you’re in with keys for how to celebrate and care for the vessel God has entrusted to your care.

Stacey speaks

In need of an empowering story, keynote or workshop? Stacey specialises in delivering practical and inspiring messages of happiness, wellbeing and living life to the full! 

What she said

~ Liza Edwards

"God oozes out of this woman and I just knew being at her Summit was exactly where God wanted me. He used Stacey to spur me on, inspiring me to greater things. I look forward to working with her more in the future. Thanks Stace!"









Please enquire well in advance of your event as Stacey only accepts a limited number of invitations per year.
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