Better together

We were made for community and connection.

We were designed to do life alongside one another.

We weren't meant to do our journey alone. 


But sometimes, it's not so easy to find other women who 'get it'.


That's where the Healthy Happy Soul Membership comes in...

Just because you might be making health and wellness changes on your own, that doesn't mean you have to do it by your own. At The Healthy Happy Soul we've seen it time and time again the power of women doing health and wellness His way with others.


That's why we're passionate about community and connection.

That's why we created a space that has a culture of sharing authentically, getting healthier together, praying for one another, and cheering each another on. If you're saying 'tell me more!' read on...

But is being a part of the Healthy Happy Soul Membership right for me?


  • IF YOU find it hard to maintain motivation or consistency when it comes to your wellbeing...

  • if you're ready for a heart and mindset transformation for a healthier, happier, more soulful you....​

  • If you want to create SUSTAINABLE long-lasting change and STOP the cycle of fads, diets and quick-fix extremes once and for all...

  • if you know you THRIVE WITH REGULAR CoNNECTION and community SUPPORT...

Then the healthy happy soul membership community is the place for you!

The power of doing life together

It was always my dream to create a space for women to be inspired, empowered and connected to do health and wellness His way. No matter geographical boundaries, women could come and find community, support, accountability and the inspiration to keep going and to keep pursuing the health and life He created each of us for.

Cause the world would love us to feel as though we are in competition with one another (especially in the fitness space). But we aren't here to compete with each other, we're here to complement one another. Just imagine being a part of a supportive community doing health and wellness His way and living out the purpose each one was created to do.

That's what it's all about for me. Doing life together. Cause we are better together. There's no need to compete. Just high-fives all round.

I invite you to join me in doing health in a way that I promise looks nothing like what's on offer in the world, but health and wellness His way that will satisfy and sustain and release you to do all that He's purposed you to do. Because just imagine how much more effective we could be as a company of women if we were health and well in spirit, soul and body, and we did it together

With love

So what's included?

  • Holistic health resources and a supportive community for your health journey

  • A members only online portal with teaching to unleash your best health; spirit, soul, and body including topics such as:

    • Health & wellness His way

    • Essential healthy happy soulful habits

    • Self-care

    • Motivation

    • Mindset

    • Happiness

    • Healthy Boundaries

    • Movement

    • Body image

    • Food & recipes

    • and much more!

  • A private Facebook group for connection, community and accountability

  • Expertise and coaching from Stacey McBride Wilson, founder of The Healthy Happy Soul


How does the membership work?

The membership offers a variety of resources to create positive holistic change in your health and wellbeing. Behind the members only online portal you will find access to resources, accountability, support and community for many different topics and subjects including:

  • Health & wellness His way

  • Essential healthy happy soulful habits

  • Self-care

  • Motivation

  • Mindset

  • Happiness

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Movement

  • Body image

  • Food & recipes

This space is continually added to and updated so there is always something new to work through or some healthy happy soulful goodness to revisit. 

Aside from the online members portal, you'll have access to a private Facebook group that offers connection and community with the other members. Each week receive accountability tasks, and inspirational to keep you on track towards your health and wellness goals. 

What kind of support will I receive?

The Healthy Happy Soul Membership has been designed to be undertaken for the most part in a self-directed way. But never fear, you're going it completely alone! Find support from other members as you cheer on and champion each other, plus founder of The Healthy Happy Soul, Stacey regularly checks in to inspire and moderate content within the online members portal and private Facebook group. 

However, if you would like a little more support and accountability for your journey be sure to check out the Membership + Coaching package.

How is this going to help me?

Through a supportive relationship, Wellness Coaches empower their clients with focus on collaboration and encouragement, rather than telling you what to do (because we understand that not one size fits all and it's got to work for your unique life demands and needs). When the client takes responsibility for their own journey and feels more confident as they experience success supported by a coach, they ultimately achieve more significant change than they would on their own.

Am I locked in to a contract?

Not at all! Enjoy 30 days free trial of the membership and if you feel that the membership isn't the right fit for you, simply cancel by using the link you'll receive via e-mail with your first billing reminder. From then on, if you've joined via the month to month option, cancel your membership any time (you'll always be welcomed back anytime though with open arms!). 


We understand, that's why we offer a 30 day free trial. We believe that you'll love the membership so much that we want you to take it for an obligation free trial on us! There is absolutely nothing to lose.  


Simply fill out the registration form and your payment details then enjoy all the benefits of the membership for a full 30 days. We'll remind you a few days before your first billing payment comes out and if you're not absolutely loving the membership simply cancel no questions asked.


membership price

Join now & pay nothing for 30 days!


If you'd like a little more support than just the membership alone, never fear the Healthy Happy Soul Membership + Coaching is here. 

The Membership + Coaching package includes all the benefits of the membership community plus one individual wellness coaching session per month.

Get a monthly 45min check in with Stace to keep accountable and on track towards your health and wellness goals. Get the personalised attention and coaching that the membership alone doesn't offer.


If you'd like to learn more about what wellness coaching entails simply click here


Stacey only takes on a limited number of coaching clients. If you'd like to explore whether this option is right for you, simply book in an obligation free 30min vision session here.


+ Coaching

Join now & pay nothing for 30 days!

*first coaching session to occur after first monthly payment


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