HEalthy & Whole

Wholeness (adj.) 

Physically sound and healthy.

Mentally or emotionally sound.

Not divided or disjoined.

In totality without exception.

Containing all components.


Our Healthy and Whole program is a 10 week heart and mindset transformation program. Completely online, our signature wellness program teaches practical 'how to's' combined with powerful action steps for living the fullness of the life you were created to live; healthy, happy, whole and free!

By the end of your 10 week journey you will have created a holistic approach for your health PLUS implemented simple but powerful, practical keys for health, happiness and wholeness in your own life. Through a high level of accountability from me, Stace, plus community support from the
Healthy & Whole tribe, this program will equip and empower YOU to make positive changes
and implement healthy habits into YOUR life to create real and forever change. 

Now is the time to put your health and wellbeing first.

Because beautiful lady, this life ain't no dress rehearsal...

But is this program right for me?

  • If you're a busy CHRISTIAN WOMAN always putting yourself, your needs and your health last...

  • If you feel overwhelmed and out of balance but don't quite know how to find your balanced sweet spot...

  • IF YOU find it hard to find motivation OR create consistency when it comes to your wellbeing..


  • if you're ready for a heart and mindset transformation for a healthier, happier, more soulful you....​

  • If you want to create SUSTAINABLE long-lasting change and STOP the cycle of fads, diets and quick-fix extremes once and for all... 


A whole approach

We are a spirit, who has a soul that lives in a body. Each of these elements profoundly affects the other. Our health and wellbeing is not just made up of different components functioning separate from one another, but we are a whole person with each part connected and impacting the total.

If one of these aspects is compromised, the whole of a person is compromised. However, if we approach our health with the view to create a value, and a balance between all three, we’ll be able to be and do what God has called us to do with a greater level of grace, ease and enjoyment. 

That's why we work with the whole person.


That's why we're passionate about wholeness. 

We've seen the power of teaching others how to approach their health holistically time and time again. Combining Biblical principles, a Wellness Coaching approach, Health expertise, plus a high level of Care; the proven method of our Healthy & Whole program brings breakthrough and gets results!


So what does it look like?

  • A 10 week heart & mindset transformation program

  • 7 X 45min live online workshops 

  • Your Healthy & Whole handbook devotional

  • Exclusive Facebook group for motivation, inspiration and accountability

  • Fortnightly group devotions PLUS prayer and Q & A sessions

  • Forever access to workshop replays and program content

  • Simple but powerful practical weekly tasks

  • Plus a goodie bundle full of surprises you'll just have to wait for!


Program Overview

Session One

Finding center

  • What is holistic health and why is it so important?

  • How to find centre, balance & your sweet spot

  • Learn how to live out of overflow - spirit, soul and body.

Introductory Session

Getting started

  • Welcome, program overview & getting to know you

  • Setting the tone for the journey ahead

  • Create a heart-felt vision for your health & wellbeing

Session Two

At the heart of the matter

  • We go deep to unpack the source of our health & wellness battles

  • Lose the labels that keep you bound in a cycle of negativity & self-sabotage

  • Powerful breakthrough applications for a healthy heart

Session Three

Mission Control

  • Simple but powerful strategies to take control of your mindset and thoughts

  • Discover the power of perspective & choice

  • Retrain your brain & create a healthy default for thinking

  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries so that you can thrive!

Session Four

The vessel

  • A Godly perspective of food & movement with practical tools to walk it out

  • Discover your why & finding your balance

  • Create sustainable & enjoyable eating and movement habits

  • How to keep motivated with accountability tips and keys

Session Five

Made for more

  • Our health & wellbeing is about much more than just us

  • How to balance & maintain all aspects of wellbeing

  • Discover the power of self-care

  • Learn why you are made for more and how to put it into action


THANK YOU for this program! THANK YOU for making yourself so available & contactable! THANK YOU for being so real & honest about your day to day life! It's helped me to organise my life in order of priorities. It helped me realise what had to go and what needed to stay.


I jumped on board to do this course in a season when I was overwhelmed and burned out. The area I battled with the most in my health was the battle in my own mind - my thought life. Stacey’s coaching and course content helped me to recognise unhealthy mindsets and mentalities. I got my fight back!


This course is filled with many pearls and treasures. After each session I would feel a lot lighter and more full of life. It was the highlight of my year! I’ve seen nothing like it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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