Ready to say goodbye to overwhelm and #mumguilt, and hello to doing more of that good for your soul stuff mama?

Does this sound familiar?

Tired of feeling rushed, overloaded and like you've just got to make it to the end of the day/week/get to holidays.


Making good plans with the best of intentions to invest in your happiness and wellbeing but they always seem to get thwarted in some way.

Feeling guilty when you're away from your family and doing something to care for your happiness and wellbeing?


Telling yourself you've just got to ride out this season of #mumlife but will take better care of yourself as soon as it's [insert time in the future].

You can't remember the last time you had a date night, with your hubby, your girlfriends or yourself.

But it doesn't have to be this way...

Your happiness and wellbeing matters beautiful mama.


Not just for you, but for those around you too...

What if I told you there was a way to do more of the stuff
that makes you come alive and still be the world-changing mama

you were created to be?

If you're ready to bust self-care mindset myths and learn practical ways to action more happiness and wellbeing every day minus the #mumguilt, read on mama, this course was created just for you.

Self-care isn't selfish, it's essential beautiful lady. Not just for you, but for the world around you too. 

After all, if you don’t have breath in your body mama, how can you breathe life and love into others? 

You might think you're doing yourself a favour putting yourself and your needs last in order to be able to serve the needs of those around you.


But when you're overloaded, overwhelmed and running on empty, what are those you encounter really on the receiving end of?

Kindness, compassion, patience, steadiness, love, joy - that kind of goodness doesn't come out of the overflow of running yourself into the ground...

I want to be the best version of myself.


I want to have a positive impact on the world and leave people better
than I found them.

I want to role model and reflect Jesus well.

And I know you do too mama...

That's why I created the HAPPY MAMA, HEALTHY MAMA course just for you.


Say hello to


the self-care course for mamas on a mission

Imagine this...

  • Feeling confident, full of energy, and able to be and do what God has purposed you to do with grace and ease

  • Having a clear vision and action plan for doing the good for your soul stuff that makes you a happier and healthier mama

  • Rocking a mindset established in self-kindness and God's truth 

  • Feeling like there were more than enough hours in the day to be and do it all

  • Enjoying a beautiful balance between taking time for self-care and being an engaged, intentional and joyful mama

  • Finding a consistent rhythm in your health and happiness

  • Laughing more often, worrying less and enjoying your #mumlife ride a whole heap more

  • Caring for yourself, your health, your happiness, your family and still being able to change the world

What she said

The Healthy Happy Soul has been life-changing!! Since my recent motorcycle accident I have returned to my coursebook and devotions.


I have no doubt that my positive mindset was strengthened through the journey I went on through doing Stacey's course...and it's carried me through this current season amazingly!

~ Hannah

What you get

  • The Happy Mama Healthy Mama online course with lifetime access

  • Access to the exclusive Happy Mama Healthy Mama Facebook group with the collective wisdom and encouragement of course participants

  • The time and space to do more of what makes you happy minus the mum guilt

  • The 4 step Happy Mama framework to shut down overwhelm and future-proof yourself from burnout

  • Enjoying a consistent rhythm in your health and happiness

  • Laughing more often, worrying less and enjoying your #mumlife ride a whole heap more.

Self- care isn't selfish, it's essential. Not just for you, but for your family and the world around you too mama...


Maybe you already know this, in theory. But tell me, are you putting it into practice beautiful lady?


Self-care can't just be a nice idea or a trendy buzzword. Self-care, self- kindness, and self-compassion has got to be the place you function from each and every day, without the #mumguilt.

Cause I bet you've been told some BS about self-care (bogus stories that is!)


What you've heard spoken, and what you've seen modelled in regards to self-care from the influences in your life will be responsible for creating your self-care blueprint; the default place you function from when it comes to self-care.

The good news! You can change the blueprint.

The not so great news? It doesn't just happen by accident.


Now is the time to bust that junky self-care mindset you've got going on beautiful lady. Now is the time to retrain and rewire your brain towards a happier, kinder and more caring default (I mean why wait another day?)


A happier, kinder and more caring attitude towards self means a happier, kinder and more caring mama; and that's a very good thing.  


Laying the foundation : The 4 pillars happiness and wellbeing

Non-negotiables: Our simple tool for shutting down overwhelm and creating consistency

So long #mumguilt! : Self-care 101

4 X M : The four keys you need every day

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