I see you mama...

Racing from one thing to the next; working super hard wearing the oh so many hats you wear and keeping all those balls you juggle in the air.


Working your job, keeping the house clean, getting the kids fed, making time for hubby, being a faithful friend AND volunteering at school or church (or both!).

Doing your absolute darndest to be that incredible Proverbs 31 woman - compassionate, kind, well-groomed, strong, smart and courageous, all the while feeling exhausted, a tad teary, overloaded and doing everything you can to keep your head above water.

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

What if I told you beautiful mama that your health and your happiness matters. 

Not just for you, for those around you too.

That's where I come in...

You’re a world-changing woman. Here to make an impact on the world. Wanting to leave things a little better than you found them right beautiful lady?

So if that's the case, why do you find yourself feeling overloaded, overwhelmed
and teetering on the edge of burn out? 


Feeling like your happiness and wellbeing has been pushed to the bottom of
the to-do list​​.

Feeling unsure how to make time to care for yourself in amongst
the fullness of #mumlife.

Feeling like you’ve lost yourself and your spark since you became a mum.

Hey beautiful lady, I'm Stace!

Your resident positive quote junkie, cup of tea lover, and happiness and wellbeing coach for the happy mama one day intensive! 

But before we go any further, let me real with you, I wasn't always such a healthy and happy mama. 


There was a time when I was a single teenage mum who was seriously overwhelmed, resentful and weighed down by all the realities of motherhood.

I was doing my best to navigate all the challenges of #mumlife, but I was stuck in survival mode. I cried most days and was just doing what I could to make it through each day.


I wasn't taking care of myself and was spiralling in a cycle of unhappiness and self-loathing. And the result? A seriously flipped out mama not very pleasant at all to be around. 

Surely life and motherhood could be better than this? 

But there was a moment it all changed. I lost the plot over something that I can't even remember (but I'm certain was pretty insignificant) and really scared myself with how out of control I got. 

As horrible as that moment was, it was at that low point that I decided I wasn't content to live like this and be that kind of mama anymore.


From there I made some pretty radical lifestyle changes and invested everything I could into becoming the best version of me; spirit, soul and body.

And as I did, as I became a healthier and happier mama, those around me reaped the benefits too; especially my daughter.


I've dedicated my life to becoming the healthiest and happiest version of myself and teaching others how to do the same. Your happiness and wellbeing matters mama, and I know how to get you there. 

Part retreat, part happiness and wellbeing bootcamp, this coaching experience is for mamas on a mission.


If you're ready to do more of what makes you healthier and happier minus the mum guilt, read on.


There are times when we need to withdraw in order to recalibrate your body, mind, heart and soul with His and what really matters.


To zoom out and see the big picture.


To just stop racing through each day, hit pause on the daily crazy to breathe deep, and get fresh perspective ready for action.

That's why I created the Happy Mama Coaching Retreat. 

A day of coaching and encouragement followed by a night's stay in boutique accommodation on the beautiful Sunshine Coast to reflect and ponder all you've taken in from the day.

But it's so much more than just enjoying a day away with a coach.

You're investing in your future self, your mindset, your happiness, your wellbeing, your legacy.

Introducing the

happy mama
coaching retreat

What she said...

"The one night retreat was such an amazing opportunity to take time and space, in a beautiful location and accommodation, to look at all of the aspects of my happiness and wellbeing outside of everyday routine.


Stacey has a way of making it a comfortable and soul enriching time where you can really make a solid plan to move forward in health and happiness.


She has a gift and a positivity which helps you see your everyday from a new perspective and can give you so many tips on how to maximise your strengths. I highly recommend the one day retreat to take some time out and reset!"

~ Steph

I know the power of making time for yourself.


Of setting aside a pocket of time to go away and recalibrate.


To get a fresh perspective, fresh breath, and fresh gusto to take on the world and mum life again.

I’ve done this regularly over many years. Because I know that when I’m better in myself, I’m a much better and happier mum, wife, friend, and all round human being. And believe me, the people in my world around me benefit and are grateful for that too. 


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had significant life shifts when I’ve taken the time to go away. Space to just breathe and think and be by myself. To hear from God. To get a birds eye view of my life. 

And now, it's your turn...


What you get

  • One night of boutique accommodation on the stunning Sunshine Coast just a few steps from the beach all to yourself

  • The undivided attention and expertise of a qualified wellness coach for an entire day

  • A completely tailored coaching experience utilising our proven 4 step Healthy Happy Soul framework

  • Clear goals with an action plan to optimise your happiness and wellbeing

  • The Healthy Mama Happy Mama Handbook with tips and guidance as well as plenty of space to record your heart revelations and mindset shifts from your time away

  • Nourishing lunch and wholesome snacks throughout your coaching day

  • Endless tea, coffee or green smoothies (whatever takes your fancy!)

  • A safe space to be encouraged and challenged in your happiness and wellbeing

  • A greater sense of self-worth and connection with Jesus

  • A joyful spirit, a flourishing mind, a happy body, and a fresh energy ready to take on the world again.

What she said

"Stacey teaches you simple practical ways to balance healthy, happy, soulful living. She opened up my eyes to the simplicity of life and creating the life I want everyday. Stacey has a beautiful story and a zest for life that's unstoppable - she is the go to chick!!"

~ Kate

Let me be honest, this ain't no dress rehearsal beautiful lady...

It's all too easy to put off investing in your health and happiness for a future date; one when it'll be easier to do right?


But a week flies by, then a month, a year, then five. And while that's all racing by, your little family is missing out on the mama you were created to be. Healthy. Happy. Engaged. Unstoppable.



I know. But like I said, this life ain't no dress rehearsal.

So tell me, when was the last time you did that stuff that lights you up? You know, that good for your soul stuff?


If you have to think longer than 10 seconds, the answer is, ‘too long ago’. 

I know it’s not easy to clear the space and make the time, #mumguilt hits hard. But trust me, it’s absolutely sooooo worth it. 


It’s about fitting your own oxygen mask first. Not to be selfish, but because it’s essential.


After all, if you don’t have breath in your body mama, how can you breathe life and love into others? 

Your happiness and wellbeing matters beautiful lady, because YOU matter beautiful lady.


What is wellness coaching & how does it work?

Wellness Coaching combines theory from Coaching Psychology, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology to help clients overcome resistance to change by using a step by step, structured approached. The Healthy Happy Soul approach to wellbeing is a holistic one. Each aspect of wellbeing is interconnected - spirit, soul and body, and as such, Stacey works with the whole person. Stacey understands the power of the heart and mind when it comes to our health. Our inner wellbeing, our values, beliefs, and mindset, has a profound effect on our outer wellbeing, hence, it is essential to approach happiness and wellbeing with the view to create a strong foundation from the inside out, not the outside in.

Stacey is a qualified wellness coach, trained and accredited by Wellness Coaching Australia, the number one wellness coaching body in Australia.

What does a coach do?

Wellness coaches support clients in working out what they want, why they want it, what's stopping them, and only then, create a plan for action together. Through The Healthy Happy Soul, Stacey has refined her coaching approach to focus on the unique challenges for Christian women when it comes to their happiness and wellbeing.

Combining wellness coaching strategies with her health and fitness expertise, life experiences, and Biblical truth, Stacey utilises a holistic approach to happiness and wellbeing.

How is this going to help me?

Think of working with a coach cheerleader, mentor, consultant, sounding board, accountability partner and prayer warrior all rolled into one. Through a supportive relationship, Stacey empowers the women she works with through a focus on collaboration and encouragement, rather than prescription of what to do.

Research shows, and Stacey has seen it time and time again, that when a person takes responsibility for their own journey, they gain confidence as they experience success through unlocking the answers for themselves whilst being championed and cheered on through a supportive coaching relationship. Ultimately, this leads to achieving more significant change than they would on their own.

Are flights and transport included in the package?

Your investment in the Healthy Mama Happy Mama coaching intensive includes one night of boutique accommodation on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, however flights and transport are not included in this package.

The location for the one day coaching intensive and accommodation are located less than 10mins drive from the Sunshine Coast Airport and only 90mins drive from Brisbane.
Most major cities fly direct into the Sunshine Coast airport daily.

Can I stay more than one night?

Most certainly! If you'd like to book a second night to truly make the most of your stay and coaching experience, you can add this on at a small additional cost. Just let Stacey know when booking your coaching intensive if you would like to add on this option.

Sounds incredible, when are you hosting the next one?

The Healthy Mama Happy Mama coaching intensive does not run with set dates. Rather, this is a bespoke experience to support your individual needs and therefore you book this coaching package for a date that works for you. During your discovery call with Stacey, you will discuss booking dates.

your investment


three and six month payment plans available

Now booking for 2020!

What she said

~ Kat

"Thank you Stacey for all your help! I met this lovely lady at a tough point in my life and she has helped me so much. Her life story is so inspiring and she has pushed me to do things I could never have imagined. I would definitely recommend her to every woman out there who is in need of some help."

Ready to work 1 : 1 with Stacey?

If you're ready to do more of what makes you happy minus the #mumguilt, it's time to take the next step beautiful lady.

Click the link below to book in for a 20min discovery call with Stacey to discuss further if the one day coaching intensive is right for you. 


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