Our mission

The Healthy Happy Soul exists to champion mothers and motherhood. Our mission is to empower women to be healthier and happier mamas as they pursue Jesus.


It's a place where we cheer on women as they discover, value and embrace the happiness, wellbeing and life in full colour that God created each and every one of us to enjoy. 


Cause #mumlife ain't for the feint-hearted and we know that when mums are happier and healthier, the world around them reaps the benefits too! 

Hi there beautiful lady, I'm so glad you're here!

In case we haven't officially met, I'm Stace! A life loving wife, mama, fitness instructor, wellness coach, author, speaker and the visionary heart behind The Healthy Happy Soul .


Life enthusiast. Positive quote junkie. Encourager extraordinaire. Lover of sunrise beach walks, cups of tea & Jesus.

Yep that's me.

And I'm on a mission to champion motherhood and mums in their happiness and wellbeing, one mama at a time.


It's been a pretty wild ride over the years to get to this healthy, happy place where I love my life. I journeyed with chronic fatigue syndrome in my teens where I was extremely underweight, depressed and isolated which was the catalyst for some pretty self-destructive behaviour.


From there I found myself pregnant at just 16 which spiralled me further into chaos; binge eating and drinking, overweight, resentful, a reckless party girl.


Stuck in deep unhappiness within the life I had created for myself, and intense self-loathing, I joined a gym. But once I did start to get fitter, I became completely fitness and body image obsessed....


Yep, it's been a journey of extremes alright.

So wherever you're at in your happiness and wellbeing journey beautiful lady, believe me I get it. There ain't no judgement here. 

But that's why I value so much the simplicity, balance and beauty of the life I've created right now.

In amongst the mess that was my life, I learned how to own and embrace my situation, how to make the most of this thing called life no matter what it has thrown your way, the value of investing in our happiness and wellbeing, and the power of a holistic approach to health with God at the helm. 

Now, I wake up every day full of enthusiasm and gratitude for my life. 


I enjoy a life marked by joy and adventure no matter the challenges that come my way. 


I have a mindset that is a beautiful balance of being kind with myself, or giving myself a gentle upper cut, depending on what's needed.


I feel fearless to pursue the big dreams God has placed in my heart and share the gifts and talents He has given me to share with the world.


I have unshakeable rhythms that support my optimum happiness, wellbeing, and living my life in full colour.

After such a profound positive impact on my own life, and the ripple on effect to those around me (especially my daughter), I dedicated my life to learning everything I could and developing expertise in this area. It's the reason I wake up each and every morning.

I'm so so so very grateful for the friends, family members, mentors and professionals who came alongside me on my journey and all that they've taught me. Now it's my turn to share the gift I've been given. To pass it on.


I really hope that wherever you find yourself on your life journey hasn't been as wild a ride as mine, but we're all a work in progress right beautiful lady? We weren't meant to do this thing called life alone, especially #mumlife. We all need someone in our corner to be able to enjoy life as our very best; to be the happiest, healthiest, most whole and hopeful version of ourselves. 


I consider it the greatest privilege to share my life lessons and expertise to educate and empower others. Let's work together to unleash you into living life happier and healthier and in full colour mama.


 Because I know you were made for more....and I know how to get you there beautiful lady.

Our commitment to impact

We are committed to empowering women to be all that God has created them to be. For us, that looks like coming alongside solo mums on their #mumlife journey to cheer them on and champion them in their health and wellbeing. 


We do this by offering women the opportunity to experience our services for LOW or NO COST. Mums flying solo are able to apply for these places via our online application form or are referred by our partner non-profit organisations.

If you scrolled all the way to the bottom, high five!
I like your style lady. Choose your next adventure.


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